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Paper of the Year

The Paper of the Year Award

The publication of scientific results is the goal of every research project. Once a year we honor the significant contribution of an early career researcher (ECR) to an outstanding publication through our Paper-of-the-year Award. All ECRs hired by or associated to CIM are eligible to receive the award. Nominations can be made by all CIM members and self-nominations are strongly encouraged. A committee of ECRs will make the selection on the basis of criteria such as impact, relevance, but also scientific challenge, creativity and presentation of the results. The award includes 2000 Euros in travel money. Learn more about our current and previous award winners here!

Paper of the Year 2023:

Observation of high-energy neutrinos from the Galactic plane

Mirco Hünnefeld received the SFB 1491 paper of the year award 2023 for his crucial contributions to the first discovery of a Galactic neutrino flux with the IceCube Observatory. Mirco's development of a novel neutrino event selection and neutrino angular reconstruction based on machine learning algorithms enabled this discovery. This work was performed during his PhD at TU Dortmund.