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Cosmic Interacting Matters - From Source to Signal

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Affiliation: Institute for Theoretical Physics IV, Ruhr University Bochum,

Current status: Prof.

Publications: Impact of Anisotropic Cosmic-Ray Transport on the Gamma-Ray Signatures in the Galactic Center, Follow-up on the Supermassive Black Hole Binary Candidate J1048+7143: Successful Prediction of the Next Gamma-Ray Flare and Refined Binary Parameters in the Framework of the Jet Precession Model, Numerical modeling of time dependent Diffusive Shock Acceleration, Searching for temporary gamma-ray dark blazars associated with IceCube neutrinos, Observation of high-energy neutrinos from the Galactic plane, Astro-COLIBRI 2—An Advanced Platform for Real-Time Multi-Messenger Discoveries, Cosmic-ray electron transport in the galaxy M 51, Multimessenger Picture of J1048+7143, Neutrino Cadence of TXS 0506+056 Consistent with Supermassive Binary Origin, Solving the Multimessenger Puzzle of the AGN-starburst Composite Galaxy NGC 1068, CRPropa 3.2 -- an advanced framework for high-energy particle propagation in extragalactic and galactic spaces, Anisotropic cosmic ray diffusion in isotropic Kolmogorov turbulence, Multiwavelength Search for the Origin of IceCube's Neutrino, PropPy - Correlated random walk propagation of cosmic rays in magnetic turbulence, Propagation of Cosmic Rays in Plasmoids of AGN Jets-Implications for Multimessenger Predictions,

OrcID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1748-7367

Projects: Cosmic-ray signatures in dwarf galaxies: astrophysical foreground, dark-matter background, Cosmic-ray transport in the transition region from Galactic to extragalactic origin, Density-Dependence of the Temporal Structure in the Multimessenger Spectrum of Blazars, Central Tasks,